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The Checklist introduces the RACE Method

There are four key areas that determine whether or not the emails you send will reach the inbox, or be confined to the spam folder.



If your sending reputation is damaged, the chances are that most of your emails will end up in the spam folder. Improve your domain reputation and avoid spam traps to improve your deliverability.



Getting your authentication right is vital. If you don’t, you’re risking many of your emails going to spam, even if you’re doing everything else right.



The look and feel of your emails still plays a very important part in whether your email will land in the spam folder rather than the inbox.



If you want your email engagement rate to go up after users get what they came for, you need to give them things they value. Engage with your audience in an effective way by segmenting. target a smaller subset of your contacts to align content with exactly what they need.

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