How Good is your Email Deliverabilty?

Using ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft?

Our Full Deliverability Audit makes sure that everything is set up as it should be.

The detailed analysis and personalised recommendations will help you maximise your deliverability.

Email Health Check

Quick and Easy Self-Service Check
  • Instant Access from the Deliverability Dashboard
  • View Engagement Trend Over Last 12 Months
  • See How Effective Your List Hygiene Is
  • See How Effective Your List Hygiene Is
  • Bonus: View Engagement of New Contacts by Domain

Basic Audit

Essentials and General Recommendations
$ 99
  • 2 Business Day Turnaround
  • Covers the Basics without the detail
  • Basic recommendations based on results
  • Get a handle on how your deliverability compares
  • Bonus: Discount on Upgrade to Full Audit within 30 days

Full Deliverability Audit

Detailed Analysis and Recommendations
$ 650
  • Personalised Analysis or your Email Performance
  • Over 35 pages covering all the important deliverability metrics
  • Detailed list of instantly actionable recommendations
  • 30 minute audit review Zoom Call
  • Bonus: Free follow up basic audit after 30 days to track progress

Our Full Email Deliverability Audit will:

  • Check your sending reputation by checking whether you’re blacklisted and setting up Google Postmaster Tools (which reports on Google’s opinion of your reputation and spam complaints)
  • Ensure that your DKIM, DMARC and SPF are set up correctly
  • Analyse your engagement, open rates, trends and other deliverability statistics
  • Identify any problems reaching specific email domains or platforms, e.g. GSuite, Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.
  • Share our findings and recommendations in a live, 30-minute screen-share call
  • Offer a follow-up “lite” audit after a month where we’ll send your updated engagement statistics to you
  • If you’d like us to implement the recommendations for you, we can quote a fixed fee to do this.

Demand is already very high, so requests are handled on a first come, first served basis!

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