Deliverability Mastermind for Agencies

Thank you so much for your interest in our Deliverability Mastermind. We’ve done our best to cover everything you’ll need to know so you can decide whether you’d be a good fit for the programme.

If you’ve got any questions or would like a quick chat to find out whether this is suitable for you, you’re welcome to get in touch by email to [email protected] or via Facebook Messenger at https://m.me/adriansavage

We’re expecting the programme to grow over time; you’re welcome to stay beyond the initial 12-month period at the same rate that was current when you joined.

Who’s Running the Mastermind?

The Mastermind will be run by Adrian Savage, Evan Samurin and Mark Penney.

Adrian Savaage
Adrian Savage
Evan Samurin
Mark Penney
Mark Penney

We’ve been specialising in different areas of email deliverability for many years. We all share similar values, we love what we do, we’re passionate about helping people, we enjoy having fun along the way and we’re keen to share our knowledge as widely as possible.

Who is the Mastermind for?

The Mastermind is suitable for business owners or employees who help their clients run or manage email marketing campaigns and would like to get the best possible email deliverability for their clients. This includes marketing agencies, virtual assistants, online business managers and partners of marketing platforms such as Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot etc.

The Mastermind group is suitable for all levels of email deliverability experience. Each month, sessions will be run covering both the essentials of deliverability as well as advanced topics.

What are the goals of the Mastermind?

The primary goal of the Mastermind is to help our members get the best possible understanding of email deliverability so that they can give the best possible service to their clients, as well as offering each other mutual support, share ideas and celebrate successes.

The second goal of the Mastermind is to promote the essentials of email deliverability, so that all members can share best practice with their clients so that they will get as many emails as possible delivered to the inbox. This will be covered during at least one content session each month, and questions will be encouraged as much as possible.

Going beyond that, we know that some people are already highly proficient in the essentials of deliverability and are ready to dive into the more advanced topics; we also know that members will reach that point as they develop their expertise.

To cater for those people, the third goal of the Mastermind is to share our in-depth knowledge that we’ve built up through years of hands-on experience. Again, this will be shared during at least one content session each month and members will be encouraged to bring their trickiest challenges as questions.

Mastermind members will also have priority access to specialist help for their clients from Evan, Mark or Adrian where needed (at additional cost to the member’s client).

How will the Mastermind be structured? What will the benefits be?

Size and make-up of the group

The group currently has 10 members and we’re expecting this to increase to 20+ in the future.

The Agency Mastermind group is exclusively for agencies and consultants, Keap partners etc. Initially we’re targeting small to medium sized agencies ranging from solopreneurs to 25 employees.

Q&A and support facilities

All Mastermind members will be invited to join an exclusive members-only Facebook group.

Adrian, Evan and Mark will answer questions that are posted in the group. Questions can be submitted as a written post or a screenshot video using Loom or similar. Subject to a fair usage policy, each question will be answered as a reply to the Facebook post or, if it’s more involved, might be deferred to the next scheduled Mastermind call.

The questions could range from the very simplest of questions through to complex, difficult issues that might need in-depth discussion.

There will also be the opportunity for Mastermind members to engage with each other in the group and offer mutual support and share successes.

Formal Mastermind meetings

We’ll hold two formal Mastermind meetings per month, held online using Zoom.

The sessions will run at two different times, to accommodate members in as many time zones as possible. They’ll focus on the essentials of deliverability during one meeting, and more advanced topics during the other meeting and will be led by the Mastermind leader who’s best suited to present the scheduled content.

We’ll swap the meetings round each month, so that members who only join one meeting “live” each month will be able to join the essentials session one month, and the advanced session in the next month. You’ll be able to choose from attending just one session, or both sessions if you prefer, and recordings will be made available.

Each meeting will have the same structure, lasting for 2 hours in total. It’ll start with 30 minutes of content where we’ll share information on a specific topic followed by a Q&A session. The rest of the meeting will be made up of “hot seat” sessions where members can ask the meeting leader and the other attendees to help them with a specific deliverability-related issue that they need support and guidance with.

We’ll encourage all members to attend both monthly meetings, but the calls will be recorded and made available in the Reference Library (see below).

Members’ Reference Library

We’re also creating a Reference Library for members that will initially offer access to recordings of past mastermind calls. Other resources offering best practices and answers to the most common questions from clients will be added in the future.

Discounted Reseller Opportunities

We’re also going to give members the opportunity to resell our products and services at a discounted rate – either as a “white label” where we become an extension of your team, or as a referral to us. This will enable you to offer Deliverability Audits, Deliverability Defender and other one-to-one services to your clients and make more profit than the Mastermind costs.

One to One Support (available to VIP members only)

If you upgrade VIP membership, you’ll also get a one-hour one-to-one call with Adrian, Evan or Mark once a month. This can cover anything you’d like to discuss such as Q&A, support, advanced topics, client-specific issues, your own deliverability services to clients, or anything else that you’d like to bring to the call.

What’s the Investment?

The investment for standard membership is 12 monthly payments of US$497. This is discounted down to US$4000 if paid in full prior to the start of the Mastermind, or down to two consecutive monthly payments of US$2200 where the first payment is prior to the start of the Mastermind.

The VIP membership rate is 12 monthly payments of US$897, discounted down to US$8000 if paid in full prior to the start of the Mastermind, or down to two consecutive monthly payments of US$4400 where the first payment is prior to the start of the Mastermind.

[As a reminder, VIP members also get a one-hour one-to-one call with Adrian, Evan or Mark once a month.]

Please note that prices will be increased in the future, but existing members will continue to pay the same rate that was current when they joined.

What Our Members Think...
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Austin Moorhead
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Cindy Zuelsdorf
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Lisa Catto

Adrian, Evan and Mark are wicked smart, responsive to questions (in and out) of the live calls and have great personalities. Chances are, if you’ve had a question about deliverability in the IBK FB user group, they are the people who have been tagged. And they’ve probably helped you already! Now you get to hang out with them and let them help you even more. Great group!

- Rich Lamendola
How can I sign up?

We’ve adopted an application process to build the Mastermind group. It’s important that we add massive value (that’s one of the things that we’re all passionate about) and having the right people in the group is vital to achieve that.

Please note: we need to ask some fairly in-depth questions on the application form in order to make sure we get the best possible fit. If you’re not comfortable answering the financial questions, please select the minimum or maximum option and note this in one of the free-text answers. All responses will be treated in the very strictest confidence

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